Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Our Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment provides an immediate lifting effect and reduces swelling, enhancing facial features while promoting natural skin rejuvenation promoting a new facial contour, providing results that are just as special as our body version of this treatment. This treatment is highly recommended for those who have breathing problems like Rhinitis, Sinusitis, and Asthma.

During the treatment, we will apply soft pumping movements that are directed toward the lymph nodes to eliminate toxins, waste, and fluid. Once the lymph and fluid are massaged away from the face gently down to the lymph nodes on the neck, it is directed to the thoracic area.

After your facial drainage massage, you will notice immediate benefits such as a reduction of oily skin, and fatigue skin, an improvement of under-eye shadows, reduced puffiness, and an overall younger-looking appearance of the facial skin.  Try this wonderful treatment today for immediate results!