Buccal Massage 30 Minutes

Increase skin circulation, reduce face tension, and aid Lymphatic Drainage with this very relaxing treatment. Regular treatments are recommended!

What is Buccal Massage?

Buccal Massage is a Hollywood star favorite treatment that provides a non-invasive natural facelift and major TMJ release. This treatment involves massaging pressure points inside the mouth to stimulate the muscles in the buccal fat pad in order to tighten and contour. Our experienced massage therapists perform this treatment with a deep understanding of the facial muscles and ligaments.

What does Buccal Massage Help With?

Our Buccal Massage is a highly effective treatment that focuses on the lymphatic system of the face. The treatment helps increase skin circulation, reduce face tension, and Lymphatic Drainage. It’s incredibly relaxing and intended to release deep emotional stress. Since building up tension in the face is common, we recommend regular treatments.

What Can I Expect during a Buccal Massage Treatment?

During the treatment, our massage therapists will use their hands to gently massage the shoulders and neck area to improve lymphatic flow. Then they’ll move toward the chin, jaw, and around the mouth to stimulate the muscles properly. Afterwards, they’ll perform circular motions and massage the inside of the mouth using their thumbs and index fingers, while simultaneously massaging the outside with their other fingers – targeting the cheeks, nasolabial folds, areas around the nose, and around the eyes. Additionally, our experienced massage therapists will stretch the patient’s lips sideways and upward, holding each position for several seconds before releasing.

What Are Some Additional Benefits of Buccal Massage?

In addition to the health benefits, the Buccal Massage helps drain excess fluids which depuffs the mid-face area and reduces dark under-eye circles. Our massage therapists provide a serene environment, ensuring that our clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout the treatment. The massage can help to alleviate stress and tension, leading to a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind. 

Can You Customize My Buccal Massage Treatment?

As always, we know every client has unique needs and goals that require personalized attention. At Brazilian Lymph Spa in Chicago or Lincolnwood locations we approach all of our clients with this in mind and take into account their preferences, medical history, and current conditions. Our skilled massage therapists are trained to provide customized treatments that not only benefit the face, but also the entire body. The increased blood flow to the brain allows oxygen and nutrients to be transported throughout the body.

Book Your Buccal Massage Today!

In conclusion, our Buccal Massage is an amazing treatment that improves blood circulation, tighter skin in the lower face, clearer skin, and decreased tension in the lower face. The massage is highly recommended for individuals with chronic pain, sinus discomfort, and acne, as it helps to reduce congestion and swelling in the sinuses, promoting better breathing and overall health. Our experienced massage therapists promote the wellness of the female body, performing this treatment with care and expertise to provide our clients with a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Try this wonderful treatment today with our unique techniques and we’re sure you will love the immediate results!

Regular Price = $350. Ask us about our specials!