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Body Sculpting Massage in Chicago, IL

Our Body Sculpting Massage is a non-invasive body transformative treatment that has become increasingly popular in Chicago over the years. 

What is Body Sculpting Massage?

It is a manual massage that utilizes intense, brisk, and firm movements to reshape the body by redistributing adipose tissue. Techniques such as kneading, pinching, and sliding are used to create new contours and provide a more curvy, chiseled silhouette. 

Who is Body Sculpting Massage Best For?

This treatment is great for individuals who are seeking a non-surgical way to reduce the look of cellulite, shrink fat, and alter the appearance of their figure. 

You can always talk to your massage therapist about the benefits of body sculpting massage and the different therapeutic techniques that can be used to make the treatment even more effective.

Is Body Sculpting Massage Enjoyable?

The Body Sculpting Massage is an enjoyable and invigorating treatment that offers numerous benefits of our body sculpting massage in Lincolnwood and Chicago. Our experienced massage therapists work with the natural curvatures of your body to create a treatment that works for you and targets stubborn areas of the body. 

What can I expect after a Body Sculpting Massage?

Afterward, clients can expect their skin to have a glowing, pinkish hue thanks to the increased blood flow throughout the body. The appearance of cellulite will be improved because we focus as a cellulite massage therapy, and any bloated areas will be slimmed thanks to the elimination of fluid from problem areas.

How does Body Sculpting Massage Work?

This massage works by breaking down fat cells to target areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and arms. Our bodies store fat in the form of adipose tissue all around our body, which can manifest in the form of uneven distributions of fat, cellulite, and bloating. 

How Many Body Sculpting Treatments Will I Need to See Results?

The amount of adipose tissue stored on an individual depends on a few factors like genetics, hormonal, or lifestyle influences. This is why we recommend multiple treatments and emphasize the overall wellness of a person in order to get the best results with our body sculpting massage service.

Getting multiple sculpting massages is ideal for this process because it takes time to achieve the desired body contour. Our bodies store fat in different ways, and the Body Sculpting Massage works by redistributing this adipose tissue. By getting multiple sessions, the effects of the massage build up and become more noticeable over time. Additionally, multiple sessions can help to address stubborn areas of the body that may require additional attention.

Will Body Sculpting Help With My Cellulite?

Cellulite is the appearance of dimpled skin due to underlying fat deposits. Women often see it appear on the thigh area, buttocks, and hips. However, this massage also diligently targets the irregular pulling of fibrous bands connected to muscle tissues that cause its development so that new cellulite is not developed and the look of current cellulite is reduced.. The Body Sculpting Massage breaks down these fibrous bands to help improve the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is very common in women because of the hormonal and genetic factors that contribute to its development. Your therapist is specifically trained to understand the female body and knows exactly what she can do to optimize results.

How Do You Make the Treatment More Effective?

To make the treatment even more effective, clients have the opportunity to use other therapeutic techniques such as heating, cooling, and red light therapy in our body contouring massage in Chicago and Lincolnwood. Our world-class sauna blanket contributes to our goal by inducing sweating which therefore increases metabolic rate and improves blood circulation. Like our manual techniques, the sauna blanket reduces the appearance of bloating and breaks down unwanted adipose tissue.

Cryolipolysis, otherwise known as fat freezing, is one such technique. It involves the use of an applicator that cools the adipose layer to a target temperature and ultimately destroys the problem cells. The body’s immune system then sends white blood cells to this area to remove the dead cells and debris from the body. This technique is great for individuals who are looking for a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Red light therapy is another technique that can be used to enhance body sculpting massage. This technique has fat-burning effects and involves the use of a device that directs red light to the body. The red light sends wavelengths that increase blood flow in that area, which helps eliminate toxins from the body while also improving collagen and elastin production. This technique is great for individuals who are looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as those who are looking to improve their skin’s overall texture and tone.

How Will I Feel After a Body Sculpting Massage?

Your massage will be tailored to your body and your needs. It will leave you feeling not only physically lighter but also mentally rejuvenated. Choose the Body Sculpting Massage in Chicago or Lincolnwood location if you are looking for an effective way to reshape your body without resorting to surgery. 

Look forward to powerful movements that reshape the body by redistributing adipose tissue by breaking down fat cells. Our one of a kind techniques brought from Brazil, create new contours and provide the aesthetic silhouette that you want. This treatment is great for individuals who want to reduce the look of cellulite, shrink fat, and alter the appearance of their figure.

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